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3 Reasons to Update Your Dealership’s Communication Techniques

Many factors go into running a successful car dealership. Of course, inventory, prices, perks, and effectiveness of your salespeople play a role. One key area that can’t go under the radar is communication. Here are three reasons to update your dealership’s communication techniques.

Heighten The Customer Experience

By updating how you communicate with your customers, you can increase customer satisfaction and the experience they have with your dealer. Companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience to the tune of 89 percent (via Forbes). That means companies will go out of their way and spend more money to ensure customers are having a good experience.

The customer experience is different for everyone, but it typically occurs the moment a customer comes into communication with your company. This could include a phone call, in-person at the dealer, or online when a customer views your website. It lasts throughout the relationship, from the moment a customer drives a car out of your lot, to when he or she drives back on the lot for routine maintenance.

Even the way you deliver vehicles can have an effect on the customer experience. Communication comes in many forms, and we encourage enclosed vehicle transport when you’re shipping a car to a long-distance customer, a brand-new vehicle, an exotic vehicle, or during times of bad weather. 

Using this type of service can increase customer satisfaction and overall experience. As we said, there are many ways to update your dealership’s communication techniques.

Boost Agent Productivity

Another reason to update your communication techniques is to boost the productivity of your agents. If they have to dial every single number to reach leads, then that could take a lot of time as not everyone is going to answer, some numbers won’t work, and some might ring multiple times before going to voicemail.

Microsoft contact center software can be set up to automatically make calls for agents and connect them to customers when they answer. Thanks to automated call distribution (ACD) technology, customers will be connected with the most appropriately skilled agent, allowing a customer to receive the best response to his or her question while saving a customer service representative time because he or she is focusing on the area he or she is most knowledgeable in.

There are many features you can set up with contact center software. These features will help boost agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Offer More Ways To Get In Touch

The final reason to update your dealership’s communication techniques is to offer more ways for customers to get in touch with your business. The old-school and obvious ways to reach your dealership are by phone and in-person. However, your customers want options and this goes back to the customer experience.

With more people using their phones to search the internet and find answers to their questions, your company needs to follow suit. This means creating a mobile-friendly website that’s easy to navigate and isn’t clunky. It can also mean being available on social media networks and with multiple channels, such as SMS, chat, email, etc.

Not every customer is the same and you need to give them options as a result. Some customers still want to come to your dealership and ask questions about vehicles, and others prefer to go to your website for this information. Giving your customers options is a great way to update your communication techniques because it makes you easily accessible, reachable, and increases satisfaction and experience.

Do you know what these improvements in your dealership’s communication techniques can lead to (outside of the above benefits)? More sales for your business, better reviews, and a stronger brand. Everyone wins.

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