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How to Find the Right Storage Facility

Are you planning on moving but haven’t settled into your new home? Do you have too much stuff cluttering your current space? Are you operating a small business and need a little more room? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when people purchase units in a storage facility.

When looking into storage units, it’s a good idea to search for one that fits your situation, whether you are just placing items in there to make space in your house or you’ll be a regular visitor. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of self-storage unit options.

Accessibility and Security


If you decide to rent out extra storage space for your belongings, consider how often you’ll be wanting to check on that storage unit. Some storage facilities offer 24-hour access and weekend availability, giving you the chance to utilize the unit when it’s right for you. Facilities like this are often designed to allow for easy access by way of a car to be able to load and unload anything out of the storage unit with ease.

While some storage facilities may just slap a padlock on the unit and think that’s enough for security, consider your storage space with the same security you would have even if you turn your house into a smart home. While you may have Wi-Fi-enabled security systems or appliances, like Google Home, on the ready at home, look into a storage facility that has round-the-clock protection. This includes locks, in-person surveillance, security cameras, and security gates offering protection for all of your belongings. In fact, some storage facilities allow you access to smart locks to access your unit via a smartphone app.

It doesn’t matter what you are keeping in your storage space, you want the peace of mind to know your belongings are safe. Look into climate control for items that may require some extra care in handling or more security, based on age and condition. You may need an even larger space to store a vehicle. Be sure to look into storage facilities that have the right space and protection available to store an RV, boat, or any other vehicle.



If you are looking into renting out a new storage space, it’s important to keep in mind how that unit is being utilized. For example, if you’re moving to, say, Alabama, you’ll want to look into storage facilities in Birmingham for quick access to any items that may not fit in your new house or condo. If you’re using the storage unit to help your small business, the unit could be an easy way to store nearby or offer up a midway point between your home and your business for access en route one way or the other.

If you are moving to a new city but have yet to lock down your piece of real estate, consider keeping a storage unit for the best deal available in the area that you hope to become a homeowner or rent an apartment. Besides setting aside your personal amenities and clothing, you can utilize the storage space for bulky furniture, or color-coordinating your outfits with the wardrobe that you just don’t have room for at your place right now.

Beyond keeping a blouse nearby, be sure to look into locations that will allow for efficient customer service to keep you locked into a storage unit for a specific time. You may consider it life storage until you have everything set up depending on your financial situation, as well as your new homestead.

Pricing and Availability


When moving or setting up a new area, cost-cutting measures are everything. However, how much you spend should not sacrifice customer service and the best fits for your belongings. Be sure to evaluate all of your nearby options when it comes to a storage unit, as tenant make sure you are getting your monthly payment’s worth in having the right amount of storage space for your possessions, while also assuring you can make the best use of the space for as long as you need.

When looking into homeownership, you may be looking into loan programs and the amount of green being put towards a new home. However, some of the best ways to use a home loan are to look beyond your actual home. Consider any accrued credit card debt that has gone towards renovations inside and out the new home. You may also want to factor in your storage unit since this could be acting as a satellite for your house while you get settled in. Make sure to evaluate the loan term and available rates from lenders.

When it comes to storage unit size, consider any discounts that may be available for a particular unit. A sale price, or price break, for one size, could come in handy in case you need to add more items into the storage space. You can also evaluate pricing options for short-term compared to the long-term to see if there is a huge difference in how much it will cost you regularly to keep that storage unit. It may be the smart way to assure you have that safety net as you get your house ready for you and your loved ones.