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Ideas for an At-Home Meditation Space

When you think of meditation, what do you picture? Buddhist monks atop a mountain studying in silence? An Instagram influencer doing an “Eat, Pray, Love” experience? Or a boho-chic studio where you can meditate and do yoga to greet the day? The truth is, meditation looks differently for everyone and it can have enormous benefits for your mental health care.

Meditation is simply the practice of centering your mind and feeling connected with your body and soul. For many people, this treatment and technique can help you greet every new day with renewed, excited energy. Maybe your counselor or therapist has recommended it as the best option to treat your anxiety and mental health. For these reasons and more, you may be interested in creating your own meditation space within your home. This can be a great idea and a basic way to get high-quality help within the comfort of your own home. Utilize accessories, outdoor space, or additional storage to help you create that perfect haven for you to focus on your mental healthcare. Here are just a few suggestions of ways that you can create that perfect at-home meditation space that can help you change your life for the better.

Bring in wellness tools.

Everyone utilizes meditation differently, which means everyone will have different wellness tools to include in the space. Maybe in addition to cozy pillows and blankets, you can use a miniature zen garden, or sunlight to give you UV rays during the winter months. It’s up to you to know what helps you relax and meditate, so you can include those pieces and wellness tools in your space.

If the time is right, you can even include other people and technology into your space. Maybe online therapy can be a good partner to your meditation practices. When meeting with your online therapist or psychiatrist, you can stay cozy in your meditation area and be ready for counseling on your mobile device, smartphone, or computer. Online counseling can be so beneficial and is a great thing to include in your meditation space as a wellness tool.

Take it outside.

Your meditation space needs to be somewhere where you can feel connected to the universe and to your own soul. Maybe that space can be outside. Especially if you live somewhere warm, like Florida, and you’re already consulting Bradenton Florida pool contractors to create an oasis in your backyard. See about adding a spa, waterfall, or calm outdoor seating area as well that can act as your meditation space. Being outside can especially help you feel connected to nature and enjoy that crisp, fresh air. As long as it’s comfy, cozy, and center, you can have your space anywhere you, please.

Utilize good scents.

When you’re meditating, it can be useful to engage as many of your senses as you can. So try your best to get some good scents in your space. Light candles that help you relax or use a diffuser that secretes relaxing essential oils. These little touches can really take your space to the next level.

Use soft colors.

Meditation usually involves deep focus and blocking out any distractions. For this reason, you don’t want anything in your space to be too loud or distracting. Use soft colors and decorate with simple, calming items. Rather than going with bright colors or bold designs, opt for neutrals that will let your thoughts and meditation practices always be the star of the show.

Include pleasing images and video.

Maybe you are someone who needs images to help you focus and feel motivated. It’s okay to use nice images and videos in your meditation space. Use the best cloud storage for photos and videos to pull up whatever you need in seamless, easy ways. A simple piece of technology and internet connection can open up all possibilities for video files, uploads, and extra storage. You never know what creative cloud solutions could help you get into better mental health practice.

Stay cozy.

While the goal of meditation is never to fall asleep, you still want to be cozy as you start your practice. Go out and get as many pillows, blankets, and cushions as your heart desires. By having a space that is comfortable, you’ll be more motivated and excited to get back to it. Make sure you are able to completely focus on your practice rather than worrying if you are too uncomfortable.

Focus on the energy.

Meditation is all about the flow of energy. Therefore, the energy of your space is incredibly important. Take note of how everything makes you feel and what works with what. Clutter can disrupt your ability to meditate effectively, so you need to guarantee everything is working together in its perfect space. Maybe consider researching feng shui to be sure your room is set up in the absolute best way possible.

Bring in live elements.

Sometimes the best way to liven up a space is to bring in live elements. No, we’re not talking about people or animals, but plants. Going green and adding living plants can give your space a more organic feel. Not only that, but they help with airflow and connect you to the healing aspects of nature. Help bring some soothing flow and feel to your meditation corner by adding some botanicals.

Personalize your space.

At the end of the day, you’ll understand your relationship with meditation more than anyone. Ultimately, you need to make your space personalized and specific to you. Maybe you have a more minimalistic approach and don’t want a lot of clutter. Maybe you like the boho style and are going to opt for more patterns and textures. Maybe you want to personalize things with your own trinkets and pictures. Whatever you decide, remember to stay true to your soul and do what makes you feel happier.

Stay light and free.

Meditation doesn’t have to be an intense, serious process. As you create your space, keep it light, open, and free. Try to involve natural light and fresh air. You’ll enjoy a better space when you don’t take it too seriously and just do what feels good to you.