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How To Get Ready for a Cross-Country Move

Moving is stressful. But a move across the country is even more difficult if you don’t take the time to plan it out and do your research ahead of time. For, as exciting as it can be to get an entirely new change of scenery, there’s a lot to think about when making a move that big. From planning a budget for moving to packing up a home and tying up loose ends, you’ll want to do some prep work before you even attempt to pack that first box. The more planning you do ahead, the better off you’ll come moving day. If you’re planning to move cross-country and don’t know where to begin, read on.

Tying Up Loose Ends


Cross-country moves take more planning than typical moves for obvious reasons. Before packing those boxes, you’ll want to make sure your loose ends are wrapped up in your current location since it’ll be a lot harder to manage once you’re far away. From selling your home to scheduling last-minute doctor visits and other important appointments, taking care of loose ends now will make your move more successful.

If you’re a homeowner, you already know a large amount of planning that goes into buying and selling a home. Take the time in advance to clean up your living space and make those arrangements for selling or renting out your first home now. Where you might otherwise be spending your days cooking family meals and Googling how to dispose of used cooking oil between jobs, now is the time to focus, instead of on the bigger picture.

Maybe your home is old. That old tub won’t help sell to new buyers. While you’re now in a seller’s market, doing what you can to make your home as attractive as possible now will mean a quicker sale and more money to take with you into the next chapter. Consider fresh paint jobs, fixing that leaky roof, cleaning out dirty gutters, and getting your home on the market as fast as possible so you can focus on the rest of the move.

Preparing for the Future


When planning your cross-country move, having a plan for when you land will make the move more exciting. Whether moving for an accelerated graduate business degree or just for a change of pace and scenery, making sure you’re ready on the other end starts now.

Maybe you’re steps ahead and have already bought a new home in Oregon. Calling an exterior remodeler in Portland, OR for a quote now is as important as getting to know resources in the Portland area. That is, while working to put the home you’re living in on the market, you’ll also want to have an eye on your new home at the same time. The more you can set up now, the less time you’ll have to waste getting acclimated to your new home or even getting that quick remodel project started when you land.

Regardless of how smooth your move goes, setting up things like the coursework for your new business program, or filing paperwork with your new job teaching at an undergraduate program ahead will save time in the long run. The truth is, when you land, you’ll still have a lot of work ahead just getting adjusted. Instead of relaxing now, look ahead and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Packing and Moving Companies


Now that you’ve finished that tub to shower conversion and have finally sold your first home, a great way to plan your next step is to consider calling a mover. Maybe you’re brave enough to make the move yourself, but by calling the professionals, you can get a free quote and make a decision on whether or not you’ll think you need help. Even if this is the first time you’ve considered a professional moving and packing company, there may be things you want to know about your options. When making that call, ask about both full and partial moving services. Most companies have policies regarding damages to your property, timeframes, and will be happy to tell you how they can help make your move easy.

If you decide you’d rather make the move yourself, start now with the packing and take it room by room. Consider renting a storage unit if you’re selling your current home. Not only will this help with staging, but it will also consolidate your things and make for an easier final step into the moving van, too.

Moving Logistics and the Big Day


The best way to travel cross-country is in vehicles built for comfort. If you’ve hired a moving company, you could even rent an RV or bigger vehicle to drag your smaller one. With the family packed up in a space that will mean comfort and less stops along the way, this could even be an opportunity for some last minute quality time before the big changes come. If you’re moving cross-country and traveling from one coast to the other, why not take some time to see all that the country has to offer?

Believe it or not, you can have enjoyment on your cross-country trip if you plan it ahead. Even a small amount of planning or taking enough time off between obligations and responsibilities can mean turning the move into more of a vacation than the stressful thing that moving can be.

In the end, all that really matters is that you and your family make it to your final new home safely. By the time you land, it won’t matter as much stress went into the logistics of packing, traveling, or the bigger picture. While no move is perfect, if you’ve managed to make it clear across the country with no damage to your property and only minor headaches along the way, you can consider yourself successful in your move.

If you’re dreading that move because the miles are long, the best thing you can do is stop procrastinating and begin planning. The more you do now, the more likely it will be that you land at your final destination with peace of mind and a move that’s mostly stress-free. Happy moving day to you and good luck on your next adventure!