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5 Tips for Starting a Church in a New City

Moving to a new city to start a church for a fresh community is an invigorating and rewarding experience, but it will come with its own set of challenges. Planning as much as possible in advance and staying organized throughout the entire process will make building a community in your new home smooth and easy. Here are five top tips to help your new church get off the ground, so you can start welcoming people to your congregation soon.

Remember that it’s a fresh start for you.


It can be easy to only consider your congregation and setting up the church itself when you’re starting in a new place. That’s why it’s good to remind yourself that it’s a fresh start for yourself as well. You can only lead your church to the best of your ability when you’re also happy in yourself. Do some research into your new local area to see what might suit you well. For example, newcomers to San Francisco should brush up on things to know before moving to San Francisco, so they’re ready to hit the ground running when they finally arrive.

Start fresh with supplies.


If you’ve led a church elsewhere, you might already own some important church items. However, sometimes it makes more sense to start fresh. Depending on the size of your new church, you might need more or fewer supplies than before. It looks better to have Communion cups that all match, for example, so buying a whole new set can give your new church a fresh and unified atmosphere, ready to impress new visitors. Treat yourself and your church attendants to fresh supplies if you can, and you’ll definitely thank yourself for it down the line. You can always donate your old supplies to a charity or other church in need.

Get your house in order too.


Once again, you also need to remember that you’re building a home for yourself and your family. Make sure you know how everything works in your new neighborhood, from when to take out the trash for collection to whether you need to get involved with the Homeowner’s Association.

For example, new Florida residents might want to look into home maintenance for Florida residents. This can also be a great way to get to know people in your community by asking for advice and guidance on how things work in your new home.

Welcome the community.


Don’t feel like you need to do all of the work alone. Starting a new church can be helped greatly if you involve other people. Plus, it goes a long way towards creating strong church communities that will last for years to come. Bonding with local churchgoers now to create the church means they’re likely to stick with you for months or even years later.

Stick to a plan.


For any big operation, strategic planning is crucial. Starting a church is no different, even if it’s no official business. Approach the process just like a business decision, with key deliverables and strategic goals at every step of the way. With good organization, even mammoth tasks can be broken down into manageable actions that you can slowly work your way through.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’re sure to have no problems in setting up a new church in your chosen area. Once you have the ball rolling, you’ll be surprised at how many people come forward willing to help. Churches are built on communities, both figuratively and literally. Welcome the people around you and the community will be there to welcome you in when your church is finally ready to start having congregations every week.