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How To Grow a Day Spa Brand

A day spa is a place to go when you need to find an escape for your self-care. Sometimes an at-home self-care routine just isn’t enough and it leaves a person wanting more. It’s just nice to have someone else take care of you every once in a while. That’s where the day spa swoops in and saves the day by providing health and self-care services for the client who needs a little something extra.

Day spas are everywhere these days, so setting your day spa business apart from the others takes hard work and extensive knowledge. If you’re interested in starting a day spa of your own, you’ve already got the knowledge it takes to develop the services your spa business will offer, but you may not be so sure of how to brand yourself for marketability. Here are some tips on how to grow your day spa brand.

Invest in the look of luxury.


The very first thing you need to do for your day spa is to update the interior. The interior of an average day spa has a distinct look. If your establishment is clean, but lacks a sense of luxury, with the colors of the walls a little off, it may be time for an interior makeover.

When you make the move to redesign the interior of your day spa, make sure that you choose a project manager and contractor who you can trust. The right project manager or contractor will give you the best experience at a competitive price when renovating your day spa, whereas consulting with poor project management could end up ruining your day spa altogether. If your day spa is located in the state of Florida, you’ll want to consult with a state-certified general contractor from CMK Construction Inc. to get the highest quality work from a general contractor.

CMK Construction Inc. will make your business their first priority, so you won’t have to consult with subcontractors, source an electrician, or even pick your own tile. CMK Construction is a leader in renovations, especially bathrooms, and they only rely on in-house tradesmen to take on commissioned projects. That way they don’t have to outsource other professionals who might lack proper certification. CMK Construction is the ideal general contractor for your Florida day spa, especially if you want the perfect renovation to help grow your business and take your aesthetic practice to the next level.

Expand your menu of services.


Expanding your menu is going to both draws in new customers and help retain regular customers who might want to further explore self-care options. Having a menu of services that goes beyond that of an average day spa will make your business stand out and set it apart from your competitors.

The average menu will involve basic facials, massages, tanning, and all-over waxing. Some of the more luxurious day spas will offer these services but include the use of higher quality products like body polish, enzyme peels, hydrotherapy treatments, and body masks which use muds or paraffin. Your day spa will need to have all of these treatments available to potential clients, but it will also need more extensive services to set itself apart.

Consider incorporating cosmetic services like eyelash and eyebrow tinting, lash lifts, lash extensions, and cosmetic applications. You should also consider larger and more specific services such as body piercing, electrolysis, laser hair removal, and even laser tattoo removal. These services are a great place to start when expanding your service menu and incorporating new ideas into your business. Once you’ve gotten the more extensive and slightly less common services incorporated, allow your expertise to guide you even further into developing new and innovative day spa services.

Obtain the necessary equipment.

If you’ve made to move to expand your service menu for your spa, then it’s time to begin obtaining the necessary equipment for you to be able to accomplish those services and treatments. If you’ve made the business move to incorporate noninvasive procedures such as laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal services into your menu, then you’ll also want to have several pieces of aesthetic laser equipment, such as cosmetic lasers, handy to accomplish these services.

Medical laser equipment and aesthetic equipment are often expensive and not always reliably sourced, so be sure to do your research before you make a big purchase such as this for your business. The Laser Warehouse is a leading reseller of aftermarket used and pre-owned cosmetic lasers, IPL equipment, handpieces, and applicators, so be sure to check out for aesthetic equipment and medical laser equipment from a vendor you know you can trust.

Customize your software tools.


If you’re growing your day spa business the right way, the services that you’re innovating will eventually begin to require new and modified equipment that might not be on the market. Consider consulting with a technology development company like Devsu to help you develop your innovative software tools for your new spa services.

Devsu is a technology partner that will help you develop the software necessary for your custom pieces of equipment, and they will then help you identify the necessary technology, resources, and skillsets to bring your custom equipment to life. Companies like Devsu will be the link between having goals for your business and making them a reality. If you’re a day spa that is going to start focusing on specialty treatments that may require equipment that isn’t common to the market, check out to consult with specialized technicians and bring your spa goals to life!

If you’re looking to grow your day spa brand, you’ll absolutely need to start off by changing the interior of your business to give it a luxurious aesthetic. After you’ve accomplished that, expanding your service menu and obtaining the necessary equipment to adequately perform those services are pertinent to the growth of your day spa brand. As you explore these options, make sure that you’re always working with vendors and technicians who you can trust to do a good job with your day spa, regardless of the scope of work.