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Does It Cost Money to Call Someone in Jail?

When you have a loved one in prison, you have to learn all-new ways to communicate. Jails and prisons have strict regulations about how you can reach your loved ones and what you can and cannot bring them. Here’s everything you need to know about having a loved one in jail. 

What Does My Loved One Do In Jail?

In Clayton County Jail, your loved one will receive everything he or she needs to live a full life. He can get medical care when needed, can take classes and learn, and can attend religious services. He can watch television or work out. He can write letters to you or master a new skill. If you’re picturing your loved one just sitting in his cell all day, you can rest assured that this isn’t the case. Inmates’ days are extremely busy, and your loved one will have plenty to do to stay occupied and to continue to grow his knowledge or skills. 

Does It Cost Money To Call Someone In Jail?

It does cost money to call your loved one in jail, so be prepared for this expense. If he is jailed out of state, your call will cost a maximum of $0.25 a minute. If you’re calling your family member at a jail in-state, you could be looking at a charge of several dollars per call. The regulations surrounding phone calls to and from jails are somewhat complicated, so do your research and prepay for your phone calls to avoid higher costs. You can prepay through the jail itself. You’ll want to be in touch with your loved one while he’s away, so make sure you know how to call him.  

What Can You Bring An Inmate?

There are plenty of rules surrounding what you can and cannot bring to an inmate. If you’re just looking to provide your loved one with a yummy treat, Clayton County Jail has made it easy for you. On Friday afternoons, The Outside Inside Connection provides special commissary services. When you’re visiting an inmate, you cannot bring anything to him or her. You’ll have to undergo a screening process before you can even visit with your loved one, during which you’ll be asked to remove your jewelry and belt. You cannot bring any food or drinks for your visit, and your family member is only allowed one group of visitors a week. Typically, you can drop off items for your family members that will be processed by the jail employees. This could include approved foods, clothing, and religious artifacts. Make sure you double-check with the staff about what you’re allowed to bring for your loved one.  

Can You Send An Inmate A Package Or Letter?

While you cannot send your loved one a package, you can send frequent letters. These letters must be postcards with a maximum size of 4.25 inches by 6 inches. Make sure you’ve only written in blue or black ink and that your postcard is not stained. If the mail doesn’t meet standards, it will not be delivered to the inmate. 

You can send a money order or certified check to the jail’s accounting department so it can be deposited in your loved one’s account. These funds can be used for food in the commissary, medical needs, and fines. If your family member loves to read the newspaper, you can have it delivered from the paper to the jail. Receiving mail from you will help your loved one remember he is loved and missed.

Having a family member in jail can be a challenge. As long as you know the rules of the jail and how you can contact him, you’ll feel connected even from a distance. 

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