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Why I Decided To Quit My Corporate Job And Join A Creative Company

In most cases, having a job at a large corporation provides people with a salary to support themselves, a health insurance plan, and, ultimately, stability. Those with corporate jobs tend to have a workday that ends at five in the evening, and may not require them to think about work while at home. Furthermore, employees at corporations get some paid days off for vacation. It sounds like a lot, but what if this isn’t enough?

Some people who have a corporate job may wake up each morning feeling like they could better spend their time doing something else. It’s common for some people—especially those who don’t love what they do at their corporate job—to feel like they could use their time and talents doing other work, and make a more significant impact in different capacities. One sign that people may take as a suggestion that they should quit their corporate job is when they become more focused on their paycheck and less on the job itself.


Happiness and job satisfaction are crucial to people of all backgrounds, so those who feel unfulfilled in their corporate jobs may resign to find positions where they can make a living doing work that they know they will enjoy more. Corporate employees may leave their roles and join creative agencies, for example, where they can express more imagination and have increased engagement in their work. Listed below are some reasons why people may make such transitions in their careers.

The Need for More Passion

People may leave their jobs because they feel their positions lack the passion and engagement that they’re looking for, and they can’t settle. Without passion, workers may be less engaged, leading to poor results with little to no impact.

For those of you, corporate employees who feel may have lost the passion you once had for the work you do, consider asking yourself three questions: Is the job engaging? Do you long to do this job? Would you do this job without pay or in your spare time? If the answer to one or more of these questions is no, then it may be time to call it a day on the corporate job and focus on doing the thing you want to do.

Employees who desire to work in roles that rely on their imagination and innovation may find they fit better at a creative agency.


Those who are illustrators at heart, or have underused skills with graphic design and creating animation videos, might find it more fulfilling to join a creative company that specializes in creating video content, 2D and 3D animation videos, visual effects, picture graphic design, and motion graphics design. A creative content studio that is an expert motion graphics service consists of creative thinkers and designers, animators, and filmmakers, enabling it to produce high-quality digital content, such as explainer videos or simple logos. A good, creative piece of content can serve as excellent online and social media marketing materials for a varied target audience of potential customers.

More Opportunities for Impact

By leaving a corporate job, people may have more chances to express their creativity and generate work that produces valuable and visible results. Corporate workers may want to make their hard work more meaningful, by entering a field that gives them professional and personal value and provides more direct ways to impact others and their community. Having a job that encourages creativity can be a truly rewarding and is a great way to create impact and value equal to, or worth more than any paycheck.


A More Freeing Work Schedule

When joining a creative company where you can do the work that excites you, you may not have to adhere to a fixed, nine-to-five workday. Leaving your corporate job can give you the freedom to follow your own schedule. Whether dressed in business attire akin to your backgrounds as corporate employees, such as button-down shirts, slacks, pencil skirts, or more business-casual wear like collared shirts and black leggings, you’ll have more time to focus on your passions and dreams.